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Why Random Workouts and Group Fitness Classes Won't Get You Results

athomefitnessforwoman exerciseforbeginners fitnessforwomenover40 fitnessforwomenover50 getfitover40 getfitover50 home workout menopauseweightgain strengthtrainingforwomen Jan 05, 2022

Are you randomly choosing YouTube classes, or Instagram swipe workouts every day? Or just going to group fitness classes, spin classes, OT or boot camps?

If so, hear me out… 

I’m not inherently against those classes. In fact, I do some of them! I was a Beachbody diehard (and trainer) for 10 years… AND I owned a group fitness studio! 

If you love it and it gets you off the couch and moving, go for it! 

But, keep this in mind: Random Workouts Gets Random Results.

If you’re frustrated and confused why you’re not seeing the changes you want, here’s why random workouts and classes don’t work… 

  • They lack progressive overload. Variety is fun. But variety for variety’s sake is … well, toys. 
  • They are more cardio-based than anything. 
  •  Often too fast to master form, thereby increasing your risk of injury. 
  •  If you’re doing HIIT or MetCon-type classes (boot camp, OT, F45, CrossFit, etc.) 4-5x week, you’re not leaving enough time for recovery.  This will increase your cortisol levels, inflammation, cause muscle break down and increase your risk of injury.
  • They are not designed for YOU. “Designed for Everyone” group fitness classes do not address your current and unique hormones, metabolism and body composition. 

So, what IS optimal for you now? 

Strength Training. But not just ANY strength training. Not an hour a day. Not different muscle groups every day. You need an intelligently designed program – total body workouts using major muscle groups, with progressive overload principles. Twice a week. Basic moves. The nuts and bolts. 

Strength training will add lean muscle (which burns more fat) and positively changes our body composition. But more important than aesthetics, it’s how we can preserve age-related loss of muscle – and bone. It’s how we’ll age optimally. Muscle is the fountain of youth. 

You also want to do a couple of short Cardio Interval sessions (45 minutes max, per week) and plenty of low-to moderate movement, like walking. Toss in some Mobility, Balance and be sure to get adequate recovery.  We need intensity in our workouts, but the more intensely we workout, the more recovery time we need. I now take 2 days off each week! I’m active, but no formal exercise on those days. 

“But, Rita, I LOVE my group fitness classes! All my friends are there, and they're fun!” 

I totally get it. I’ve been there. About 11 years ago, I was obsessed with Barre and took classes 6 days a week. To the exclusion of anything else. Then after a while, I started to wonder why I still looked the same. 

When I committed to a progressive strength training program - and stuck with it - I got stronger and my body composition changed. I looked more “toned” and defined.  

If you love the fun, the energy and the camaraderie of your group classes, KEEP. GOING.  (I love my Latin Fusion dance class every Saturday morning! )

Just make sure it’s not ALL you’re doing. Be sure you’re also following a “designed for you” progressive strength training program. And — this is crucial — getting adequate recovery. 

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