Menopause Fitness Specialist

Ready to Look and Feel Your BEST?

Get Strong, Lean & Confident at any age! 

It's never too late to get in the best shape of your life — the time to start is NOW!


Menopause Fitness Coach

Ready to Look & Feel Your Best?

Get Strong, Lose Belly Fat & Feel Confident at any age! 

The time to start is NOW.

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Sue's Results: 

I'm 60 this year and while I've always been active, the combo of COVID and menopause really changed my body.  So I did what I've always done 45-60 minute aerobic workouts and light upper body weights, 5 days a week, for months. 

Nothing changed  until I found Rita and Bolder Strong.  In just 8 weeks of Bolder Strong workouts, I can tell a HUGE change in my body.  I am so much stronger and I look and feel great!!  Plus there are only 3 short workouts per week, plus one flexibility session.  Time saver!  Thank you, Rita!

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Hi, I'm Rita!

I'm the founder of Living Bolder, a menopause fitness specialist, and former fitness studio owner. I've trained hundreds of women over 40. 

My personal fitness journey has been riddled with over-exercising, extreme dieting, body image issues and, over time... a return to balance. I understand the unique challenges of midlife women. Trying to change your body after 40 is harder, and can feel frustrating, but it IS possible and I can show you how! 

My clients often tell me: "My body has changed and what used to work for me is no longer working."

I will teach you how to get fit at home with efficient, effective, enjoyable workouts that maximize results in less time.

I created Bolder STRONG with you in mind. This is exactly how I stay strong and lean at 58, and how train my clients — so I know it works!

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Most Women Over 40 Don't Eat Enough Protein. The #1 Reason to increase your Protein?

Boosts Metabolism and Supports Fat Loss!

Want 15 Quick, Easy Ways to Add Daily Protein?

how to boost metabolism

Your hormones and body have changed. What worked in your 20's and 30's likely longer does.

Strength training exercises & workouts to boost metabolism

You need the RIGHT kinds of exercise: Strength, short HIIT sessions, and Mobility (and less long cardio).

how to boost metabolism

You need to prioritize recovery, sleep, and managing stress more than ever. 

Midlife women helps to balance your hormones

You need to ditch the yo-yo diets and eat to support your metabolism.

Need more customization, support and accountability? Work 1:1 with me to make the changes you want, need, and deserve!

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Don’t Wait Until Life Settles Down. Do It NOW.

Nov 22, 2022

Tired of hormonal weight gain, belly fat, fatigue, poor sleep, and other unwanted changes of menopause? You're in the right place.

I will help you get Strong, Boost your Energy and Metabolism, Stay Consistent, and feel Confident and Amazing at any age!