Are you ready to get stronger, fitter, healthier and feel like yourself again?

You deserve to feel amazing at any age and I can show you how!

Are you ready to get stronger, fitter, healthier and feel like yourself again?

You deserve to feel amazing at any age and I can show you how!

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Boost your Energy, Reduce Stress & Feel Better with Quick, Effective, Fun Workouts for Women Over 40
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Gain STRENGTH, lose fat, rebuild lean muscle, improve bone density, boost your metabolism and energy ... 

With Bolder STRONG, a Simple & Fun, Effective & Safe Fitness Program especially designed for the unique needs of Women over 40, with results in just 20-40 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week.

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Your Body Has Changed 

Your hormones, metabolism and body composition are different. This can cause muscle loss and fat gain. The fitness routine from your 30's will no longer work. Women lose up to 5% of their muscle mass every decade after age 30, plus 1% of bone per year without the right exercise.

Midlife women helps to balance your hormones

Your Hormones Have Changed

Reduced estrogen, increased cortisol, and other hormone imbalances can cause weight gain, muscle and bone loss, fatigue, sleep issues and more. A fitness program designed exclusively for midlife women will help balance hormones.
Strength training exercises & workouts to boost metabolism

Your Exercise Needs to Change

You need to prioritize STRENGTH training to boost metabolism, maintain lean muscle and bone density. You also need Cardio Interval Training, and Mobility work for flexibility and balance – and more Recovery to repair/rebuild.
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Hey, I'm Rita! 

I'm the founder of Living BOLDER, a menopause fitness specialist, and former boutique studio owner. I have been teaching dance, movement and fitness for over four decades.

I understand the unique challenges of midlife women — hormones, health issues, injuries, stress — they all add up. I get you. I AM you (I'm 57, btw). 
Trying to change your body after 40 can feel frustrating, defeating, and overwhelming, but I assure you, it is ABSOLUTELY possible! 

AND, you don't need to do grueling workouts or "eat less and exercise more." I'll give you the right kinds of exercise, in the right amounts to help you get stronger, leaner, and reclaim your energy and confidence!

Stop settling for feeling less than your best. Stop believing that weight gain, crappy sleep, achy joints, chronic stress, and fatigue are "just a part of getting older."

Let's work together so you can feel freaking AMAZING in midlife and for decades to come!

I can show you how to feel better, healthier and stronger in 20-40 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Learn How my Bolder STRONG 12-Week Fitness Program will work for you.
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What can Strength Training do for Women over 40?

  • Boost your Energy - Reduce Fatigue
  • Increase your Metabolism so you burn more fat 24/7
  • Reduce Hot Flashes + Night Sweats by up to 70%
  • Reverse Muscle Loss, Build Muscle and Strength
  • Reduce Bone Loss, and Improve Bone Density 
  • Optimize your Hormones, Reduce Adrenal Stress and Cortisol 
  • Sculpt Toned, Lean Muscle without bulk 
  • Improve Confidence and Body Image
Join my FREE 7-Day Recharge!

Why do I need a "Training Program?" 

A Training Program has structure: specific workouts in an intentional order to progress to your goal. Each day is based on what you did yesterday and tomorrow. Random classes or workouts can't do that. In just 20-40 minutes, 4 days a week, you'll get the right kinds of exercise, in the right amounts, at the right times. I've programmed the optimal mix of:

Strength Training

Full-Body Strength Training workouts twice a week will boost metabolism to burn fat, tone your body, build lean muscle, and improve bone density. You need weights heavy enough to challenge you. Light weights and bands don't provide enough stimulus for muscle and bone growth. You need the right intensity.

Cardio Interval Training

Short, intense Cardio Interval (HIIT) workouts 1-2 times a week help burn visceral belly fat and improve cardiovascular health. (Long endurance cardio breaks down muscle, increases inflammation and raises cortisol levels.) Cardio Intervals also boost your mood, energy and stamina.

Mobility Training

Mobility work improves flexibility, balance, and reduces injuries. Overtraining will backfire – too much and muscle breaks down faster than it can rebuild. Allow 48-72 hours of Recovery between strength workouts.  A balanced schedule will keep you active, vital, and healthy for decades to come! 

Amy M

It’s definitely harder to maintain my physical shape in my mid-40’s than it used to be.  I completed Rita’s Bolder STRONG 12-Week Program and loved the results so much, I’m repeating it for another 12 weeks. Not only did I see results, but I could feel myself getting stronger as I was able to increase the weights I was using. The results were not bulk, but long, lean muscle and overall tone.  

Something I really love about Rita’s teaching style is that she doesn’t just say “what” the exercise is, but the “why” behind its effectiveness, which is a great motivator.  She teaches her classes in such a supportive and relatable manner it’s like working out with a friend.  Rita makes safety a priority and I really appreciate all of her cueing to ensure proper form for maximum results.  Plus, she gives modifications on many exercises to accommodate individual physical needs.

I love having a weekly plan for my workouts, but the program is designed with “structured flexibility” that allows me to choose what feels “right” for my body on a given day.  Bolder STRONG is a wonderful workout program for women at any age, and it’s perfect for me at this stage of my life.

Peggy P

I did Living Bolder's 12-Week program and loved every minute of it! Rita is an exceptional instructor, and she made every session fun, exciting, and always rewarding. Her knowledge about fitness over 40 is exceptional and her delivery of that knowledge was easy to grasp and implement. The energy I got from this program was out of this world, and it made such a difference in the quality of my every day life. I highly recommend Rita's programs! 


I just finished Rita's Bolder STRONG 12-Week program - I feel good, and I feel stronger! I really appreciate workouts geared to midlife women and what we experience in our bodies. The workouts are quick, efficient and fit perfectly into my busy schedule. When I workout on my own, I tend to do the same things over and over.  I love how Rita is always changing up the workouts and has me working in all planes of motion. It's so important to keep our bodies flexible and moving in all directions.


Rita, thank you!! I love what you have put together. 

Not always easy, but feels so good. Your structure is so flexible and I‘ve found that I love the Bonus sessions at the end of a tough class… just to keep stretching and cooling down. Your website is amazing — so well designed and user friendly! 

Linda S

Rita’s programs are awesome and I look forward to the workouts. The modifications and recommendations for exercises are great and I appreciate the fact she’s always available for any questions. I’m 73 and feeling stronger every day! Thanks Rita!  


I recently completed Rita’s “4 Weeks to Strong” program, and I cannot say enough what a great program this is! It is the perfect blend of strength training and cardio exercises. Over the four weeks, I could really see how much stronger I had gotten, and how much my form had improved. I especially enjoyed the cardio kickboxing workouts because they are intense, fun, and don’t kill your knees. 

Thank you Rita for putting together such a fun and effective program! I can't wait to try the Bolder Strong 12 Week program.

Amy C.

I can't really express my thanks for you and your classes. I have never, NEVER stuck to any physical program ever. This has been a life changing step in my life. And for me, as a teacher, your teaching technique makes a huge difference. Thank you, Rita!  


Hi, Rita ... LOVED this! Feels so good to be doing something to strengthen myself. Loved the music, too!


Targets total body: Check. A solid work out is achieved even with my limitations: Check. A fantastic instructor who puts the fun in functional: Check. What's not to LOVE??


The online workout programs are flexible, timely, and effective. I value having the opportunity to complete the programs during a time that fits my home/work/life schedule. Rita is knowledgeable, readily available, and constantly evolving her practices and profession to build effective programs for the mind and body through strength and mobility.