8-Week Total Fitness Program for Women who want to Get Strong, Toned & Consistent - in 40 minutes or less!

Build Lean Muscle. Lose Belly Fat. Boost Energy + Metabolism.


Enroll NOW. New Group Begins January 23rd!


8-Week Total Fitness Program for Women who want to Get Strong, Toned & Consistent - in 40 minutes or less!

Build Lean Muscle. Lose Belly Fat. Boost Energy + Metabolism.

Enroll Now. New Group Begins January 23rd

Designed to Deliver Noticeable Results At-Home with Minimal Equipment. Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyable workouts, just 20-40 minutes, 4 days a week. Train Smarter, not Harder so you Stay Consistent + Get Results for GOOD! 

Need more customization, accountability or support? A limited number of VIP Private Coaching spots are available. Learn more here.

Here's the thing...

It takes more effort to stay in shape as you get older. If you're anything like my clients, you've probably noticed that what worked in your 20's and 30's doesn't get results anymore. 

Many women think that “Eat Less, Exercise More” is the answer. And when they don’t see the results they’re looking for, they double down — more calorie restriction, more cardio. It's a vicious cycle.

 After 40, you need a different approach — a fitness plan specifically designed for YOU. 

Bolder STRONG is your solution. I've programmed the optimal mix of full-body Strength training, HIIT, and Mobility workouts.

In just 20-40 minutes, 4 days a week, you'll get the right kind of exercise, in the right amount, at the right time (timing matters for hormone balance). And, you can do this almost anywhere, without lots of equipment.

I created Bolder STRONG with you in mind. This is exactly how I work out, and how I train my clients, so I know it works!

Bolder STRONG: Fit Over 40 

an 8-week complete fitness program suitable for all levels. This is a Group Coaching program for greater support, accountability, and success! 

Here's what you'll get:

  • Short, effective, and enjoyable workouts with minimal equipment (see FAQs)

  • Follow-along workout videos with form cues and real time coaching, and modifications

  • Strength, Low Impact HIIT + Mobility workouts 

  • BONUS: Stretch and Core workouts

  • Video tutorials to show you proper, safe form

  • Get Started Guide + Nutrition Tips Sheet

  • Weekly Group Coaching calls for added support and accountability

  • Weekly support/motivation emails

  • Sample Calendar - no guesswork, no over-training

  • Access to the program for 12 months

Enroll NOW. New Group Begins January 23rd!

Strength Training is Essential for Women Over 40

to increase metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle, reduce bone loss, and get a lean, toned look.

2 Strength + 1 HIIT + 1 Mobility Workout Per Week

Full-body Strength and HIIT Workouts programmed to challenge your body, torch calories, and build lean muscle.  Each workout is unique, so you'll never get bored.

Full-Length Follow Along Videos

NO guess work or confusing PDFs to figure out. You'll never have to guess at what to do, or how to modify.

I will be right there with you, coaching you through every move of the workout. Just press PLAY!

Bonus Workouts & Tutorials

Exercise tutorial videos so you can stay safe and master proper form. 

Bonus Core, Warm-Up, Cool Down, and Stretch videos you can do anytime, or as an add-on to your workout.

Weekly Group Coaching + Private Community 

Closed Facebook Community where you can connect directly with me, and get support from other like-minded women going through the program together.

Weekly Coaching Calls for questions, support, motivation, and accountability to ensure your success!

Rita - Founder of Living Bolder

Hi, I'm Rita!

I'm the founder of Living Bolder, a menopause fitness specialist, and former fitness studio owner. In the past four decades I've taught more than 3,000 fitness classes and trained hundreds of women over 40. I'm a 57-year-old woman, wife, and mom.

I've been around the block. My personal fitness journey has been riddled with over-exercising, extreme dieting, body image issues and, over time... a return to balance. I understand the unique challenges of midlife women. Trying to change your body after 40 can IS harder, and it can feel frustrating, but it is possible and I can show you how! 

My clients often tell me: "I want to lose fat and feel better, but I have a hard time being consistent. I really need accountability."

 I will teach you how to get fit at home with efficient, effective, enjoyable workouts that maximize results in less time.

I created Bolder STRONG with you in mind. This is exactly how I work out, and how I train my clients, so I know it works.

Have you ever started a fitness program but didn't finish?

I sure have!

Consistency is key, but if you don't enjoy your program you won't be consistent.

Bolder STRONG makes working out from home enjoyable, delivering the best results in less time with workouts that are:

EFFICIENT: Smart programming that delivers results in less time.

EFFECTIVE: Progressive design to help you reach your goals, because if you're not seeing progress, you won’t want to keep it up!

ENJOYABLE:  I keep my workouts upbeat, motivating and fun so you stick with them!

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