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ONE Habit At A Time for fitness

Tackle ONE Habit At A Time

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You decide you want to get fit or lose weight. Or both. You’re determined to go all in and make ALL the changes. 

Maybe you do OK for a little while. But then it becomes overwhelming. And it feels like you’re in the circus spinning plates on sticks. 

Maybe you’re trying to do too much at once? Let’s back it up and start small… 

✅  Introduce ONE new habit at a time. Ditch the overhaul mindset. 

✅  Adopt ONE new habit one at a time. Make sure it’s specific and measurable. Here are two examples:

Weight Loss Goal: “I want to lose weight” 👉🏻 “I will eat a vegetable at every meal this week.”

Fitness Goal: “I want to workout more.” 👉🏻 “This week, I will do two 30 minute strength workouts, and walk 20 minutes every day.”

Once you’ve regularly incorporated one habit, stack on another one. 


Also, keep this in mind… with your fitness it’s possible, out of 10 workouts: 

3 will Kick Ass 😊   

4 will be Meh 😕 

3 might Suck 😑 

Your “Meh” workouts aren’t a failure — they’re just part of what happens when you exercise consistently. You’re simply not going to knock every one out of the park. I know I don’t. 

Why Not? Getting fit, healthy and strong is a challenge. Some days you just won’t be feeling it. I definitely have those! 

You don’t have to crush every workout. Or eat perfectly every meal. 

You don’t need to be perfect to make progress. Make consistency, not perfection, your goal. Consistency over time will get you there. 

✅  Listen to your body’s feedback. Be flexible enough to adjust your scheduled workout, your nutrition -- or even take a rest day, if needed. 

🙌🏻  By sticking to your commitment you’ll boost your confidence and motivation. Motivation will come and go. Taking action will create motivation. 

Seeing your progress on this continuum (😊 😐 😕) can help you have a better appreciation for the days you crush it. And patience and compassion on the days you don’t. 

Small changes. One at a time. Consistently over time 👉🏻 Progress.

Are you trying to make too many changes at once? 

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