NEW! Bolder STRONG: Foundations

4-Week Strength, HIIT & Mobility Program 

A 4-week total fitness program for women over 40.  Designed to deliver noticeable results with efficient, effective, and enjoyable workouts.

Build Lean Muscle.

Burn Fat.

Boost your Metabolism. 

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What's included in Bolder STRONG: Foundations

  • Strength, HIIT, and Mobility workouts (20-35 minutes) for women whose goal is to gain lean muscle, increase strength, and improve bone density.

  • Follow along video workouts means I will cue you through proper set up and form, with in real time coaching and form cues. I'll also add motivation and fun! 
  • Modifications for all levels from beginner to int-adv.
  • Bonus Core and Stretch workouts. 

  •  Video tutorials to learn proper, safe form in basic strength training moves.

  •  Weekly motivational emails to help you stay on track

  •  Access to the program for 6 months, so you have time to repeat favorite workouts.

  •  Weekly motivational emails to help you stay on track.

  • Videos can be watched on a desktop, laptop, iPad mobile or - stream it to a smart TV.  

Hi, I'm RITA!

I'm the founder of Living Bolder. I'm a fitness professional, menopause fitness specialist, and former boutique fitness studio owner. I've been teaching dance, movement and fitness for four decades. I've taught more than 3,000 fitness classes and trained hundreds of women over 40. But it wasn’t until I started Strength Training (at age 47) that I saw lasting positive changes in my body composition. 


I understand the unique challenges of midlife women — hormones, health issues, injuries, stress, they all add up. I get you. I AM you (I'm 57, btw). Trying to change your body after 40 can feel frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming, but I assure you, it is absolutely possible! 


Better yet, you don't need to do grueling workouts or "eat less and exercise more." I'll give you the right kinds of exercise, in the right amounts to help you get stronger, leaner, and reclaim your energy and confidence!

Stop settling for feeling less than your best. Stop believing that weight gain, crappy sleep, achy joints, chronic stress, and fatigue are "just a part of getting older." Let's work together so you can feel freaking AMAZING in midlife and for decades to come!

Bolder STRONG: Foundations 4-Week Program

Enroll Now, SAVE 30% (Reg $109) Sale Ends 12/4/22